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Red List workshop in Córdoba


Information for the Red List workshop in Córdoba, Andalucía November 9 – 12 2005

The Red List process in Sweden,
description of categories and criteria
(download pdf-file)

The Swedish Red List of fungi 2005, 
species list with comments of the use of criteria for fungi
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All national fungal Red Lists in Europe combined
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11 September 2003

Fungal candidates

The distribution, status and habitat requirement of the 33 fungal candidates for listening in Appendix I of the Bern Convention. August 2003. Final version.

Information compiled from 36 countries by Anders Dahlberg and Hjalmar Croneborg at the Swedish species Information Centre on the behalf of the European Council for Conservation of Fungi (ECCF).

Summary of the report (page 1-14): 
ECCF 33_introduction August 2003 
(low resolution pdf 341 kb) 

Fact sheets of all 33 species (page 15-82)
ECCF 33_factsheets August 2003 
(low resolution pdf 1728 kb)

All pages (medium resolution pdf 7665 kb)
All pages (high resolution pdf 33522 kb)



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